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Welcome to my web page Stelka Art.

I would like to invite you to visit my world of portraits, the portraits of people and animals.

Portrait is a beautiful and special lifetime souvenir. It can make a surprise and a wonderful gift for the Baptism, First Communion, Wedding, Birthday, Valentine's Day or other occasions. It is a reliable gift whenever we wish to express our gratitude, surprise someone or just say thank you.

Each portrait is a new challenge for me because every person has something special. My role is to express and depict this uniqueness. Following many hours of work it's a great joy when the the portrait emerges. It reflects the external and internal beauty alike.

I use as models photos of the people that I paint. I choose them always very carefully in order to achieve desirable final results.This metod allows me to work for long hours in focus and allows me to depict every detail precisely since my models do not move :-) In this way I create portraits from photos.

In my painting I use dry brush technique. It consists of applying paint on paper or canvas using nearly dry brush. My paintings - portraits from photos are made with oil paint which is applied to the paper which has a structure of linen canvas.
I also use a traditional oil painting technique – oil on canvas.

A very warm welcome to my gallery,

Ela Strzyż

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Portrait from photo:
German Shepherd Dog (puppy) - dry brush technique
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hand-painted painting - black grapes